Class Statistics (ongoing)

Program Participants
Anger Management 894
Domestic Violence 1123
Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) Diversion 204
Batterers Intervention Program 499
Parenting 703
Divorce 26
Shoplifting - Theft Prevention 528
Criminal Behavior Modification 39
Domestic Violence Assessment 87
Juvenile Betterment - Youth Diversion Program (new) 13
High Conflict Parenting 41
Anger Management Assessment 47
Batterers Intervention Assessment 21
Drug Assessment 56
Alcohol Assessment 56
Co-Parenting 16
Family Violence Intervention 21
Alcohol Awareness 72
Drug Awareness 94

Completions (2015-2017)

Completed 1856


Recovery Rates

Welcome visiting Judges, Probation, Parole and Attorneys 

Currently our non return offender rate is 94%.

Below is an example of the many insights students have while attending our specialized program:  

         -  How to differentiate between 'Thought, Consciousness and Mind'

         -  Clients see they are not their Thoughts, they are simply having one

         -  How the Mind uses a Belief to create a 'Response' or a 'Behavior'

         -  See how 'Pop-up Thoughts' (Associative Thinking) is different than Present Moment Reality

         -  Understand how the Mind creates its sense of Reality, and therefore the Choice to Act or Not to act is available to them. As opposed to simply 'Reacting' with no Conscious-Awareness

Today we have the technology to provide services like never before. What is even more amazing is that we also live at a time in history when wonderful discoveries have been made about the Mind and how we create our sense of Reality. These discoveries are as groundbreaking as the notion that the world isn’t flat! And the results we are achieving prove this. This allows a level of service; options and answers that you may have never known existed – until now. 
Our primary function is to assist your department in addressing the 27%, and in doing so provide you with additional options relating to classes, supervision, and language as we provide 150 language options. This allows the client to move, travel, have a job, or address any other problem which may have previously caused a client to be unsuccessful in fulfilling their court requirement. 

The clients you refer to us now have access to the same quality of classes and continuity in the level of counseling and supervision that they require regardless of how they take the class. Today there is no difference between an In-house class, or our Advanced Learning System Live Web Classes

There is a New Psychology and by immersing it in the technological advances of today the bar has been set so high the results being achieved are groundbreaking.

We look forward to speaking with you personally. Until then please look around and learn more about us and the work we do. Today like never before we can provide solutions that resolves many of the issues your department has had trouble with in the past, and this is why we are here.

We look forward to showing you how much of an asset we can be.

Approved Curriculums

Domestic Violence Program

Batterers Intervention Program

Anger Management Program

Deferred Entry of Judgment

Drug Awareness Program

Alcohol Awareness Program

Parenting Program

High-Conflict Divorce / Parenting

Shoplifting / Petty Theft Program

Criminal Behavior Modification

Juvenile Betterment Program