Welcome Judges, Probation Officers, Parole Officers, Pretrial, DCFS Workers & Court Officials 

Probation / Parole and Court Official Supervisory Tools. All Officers, Court Officials, DCFS Social Workers, Pretrial Reps, Judges and other Court Officials may obtain a Supervisory or "Officer" Account to monitor those registrants that have been assigned to them from enrollment to completion of the program.

PROVIDED IN EVERY STATE. We are a Brick & Mortar Program Provider. A Certified and Accredited Program with Live, In-Person Classroom Style, Video Group Sessions. We are currently in our 10th year with now over 4,000 probationers/parolees in our database, 4500 of which who have successfully completed and satisfied their court orders through our program. The managing staff at Court Ordered Programs has developed exceptional and technologically advanced programs that they have implemented in their “Advanced Learning System - Live Web Class” school. This is not the make believe on-line program that others offer on CD’s and word documents. This “live group meeting” adheres to and surpasses all State standards and laws regarding Domestic Violence and Batterers Intervention Programs and has since been put to use by many Children's, Family, Drug and Criminal Courts throughout the Nation.

All of our other programs from DV/BIP to DEJ and Anger Management or Criminal Behavior Modification, Shoplifting, High Conflict Parenting, Divorce, and our new Juvenile Betterment Program follow the same standards and video group participation requirements with material from this decade. We encourage you to take a closer look and explore our many programs and initiatives as a resource to you in your intervention and prevention efforts. For More Information or Addition Questions you can reach us using our direct Officer/Court line at (916) 900-6166.

It is because of such innovations that Court Ordered Programs Inc. and their distance learning programs DBA Court Ordered Classes have received dozens of endorsements from Judges and Family/Children’s Court Referees and hundreds of endorsements from social workers, probation and parole officers, case mangers, lawyers and public defenders.

Class Statistics (ongoing)

Program Participants
Anger Management *call offices*
Domestic Violence *call offices*
Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) Diversion *call offices*
Batterers Intervention Program *call offices*
Parenting *call offices*
Divorce *call offices*
Shoplifting - Theft Prevention *call offices*
Criminal Behavior Modification *call offices*
Domestic Violence Assessment *call offices*
Juvenile Betterment - Youth Diversion Program (new) *call offices*
High Conflict Parenting *call offices*
Anger Management Assessment *call offices*
Batterers Intervention Assessment *call offices*
Drug Assessment *call offices*
Alcohol Assessment *call offices*
Co-Parenting *call offices*
Family Violence Intervention *call offices*
Alcohol Awareness *call offices*
Total Probationers Ongoing > 4000

Completions (1856)

Completed as of October 1 2017 - 2087


Recovery Rates

Currently our non return offender rate is 93%.

Below is an example of the many insights students have while attending our specialized program:  

         -  How to differentiate between 'Thought, Consciousness and Mind'

         -  Clients see they are not their Thoughts, they are simply having one

         -  How the Mind uses a Belief to create a 'Response' or a 'Behavior'

         -  See how 'Pop-up Thoughts' (Associative Thinking) is different than Present Moment Reality

         -  Understand how the Mind creates its sense of Reality, and therefore the Choice to Act or Not to act is available to them. As opposed to simply 'Reacting' with no Conscious-Awareness

Today we have the technology to provide services like never before. What is even more amazing is that we also live at a time in history when wonderful discoveries have been made about the Mind and how we create our sense of Reality. These discoveries are as groundbreaking as the notion that the world isn’t flat! And the results we are achieving prove this. This allows a level of service; options and answers that you may have never known existed – until now. 
Our primary function is to assist your department in addressing the 28%, and in doing so provide you with additional options relating to classes, supervision, and language as we provide 25 language options. This allows the client to move, travel, have a job, or address any other problem which may have previously caused a client to be unsuccessful in fulfilling their court requirement. 

The clients you refer to us now have access to the same quality of classes and continuity in the level of counseling and supervision that they require regardless of how they take the class. Today there is no difference between an In-house class, or our Advanced Learning System Live Web Classes

There is a New Psychology and by immersing it in the technological advances of today the bar has been set so high the results being achieved are groundbreaking.

We look forward to speaking with you personally. Until then please look around and learn more about us and the work we do. Today like never before we can provide solutions that resolves many of the issues your department has had trouble with in the past, and this is why we are here.

We look forward to showing you how much of an asset we can be.

Educational Inovations

Court Ordered Programs was established in 2010 in an effort to bridge policy, practice and research nationwide throughout the vast spectrum of family violence intervention including chemical dependency and criminal behavior. Having come to the realization that most State Certified Programs in the nation are running on old, outdated, inadequate and ineffective intervention programs with information established in the 1990’s, Court Ordered Programs began a search to find a newly established, most recently resourced, well networked, and a high tech program provider to delegate data collection and program development through their recognized Evaluation Framework.

Within a few weeks Court Ordered Programs acquired an already well established and highly acclaimed intervention and treatment provider named “Court Ordered Classes.” Court Ordered Classes was developed in 2007 to assist those who were physically unable to make it to their local classrooms to be able to get the services and intervention that they needed. These persons may have been handicapped, mentally ill, incarcerated, or they may have been hundreds of miles from any intervention program provider, and, in some cases, public figures, professional athletes or other celebrities that may have otherwise disrupted the classroom by merely their presence. Their technologically advanced “live group meeting” software allows course instructors to have classroom style group sessions with participants from all over the nation (students from Los Angeles, New York, Alaska, Hawaii and so on) to teach and collect in-debt information, while bringing a multitude of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles and other differences, together for one common cause. This “live group meeting” adheres to and surpasses all State standards and laws regarding High-Conflict Divorce and Parenting Intervention Programs.

It is because of such innovations that Court Ordered Programs Inc. and their distance learning programs DBA Court Ordered Classes have received dozens of endorsements from Judges and Family/Children’s Court Referees and hundreds of endorsements from social workers, probation and parole officers, case mangers, lawyers and public defenders.

Program evaluation is a systematic way to collect information about the characteristics, activities and results of the program in order to make decisions about the program. Evaluating a program helps you determine whether it is functioning as intended, or meeting its goals and objectives, and may help you identify areas of improvement. Court Ordered Classes uses Court Ordered Programs Evaluation Framework to guide our practice.

Project is intended to prevent reoccurrences of family violence or criminal behavior and improve mental health and it benefits all social workers, probation and parole officers, case mangers, judges, lawyers and public defenders but primarily the participants and their family members.
Project is an evaluation of a new, modified, or previously tested and untested intervention, service, or program.

Project involves, court offenders, human subjects, and is intended to generate or contribute to generalizable knowledge to improve public mental health practice, and the benefits extend to society.

Domestic Violence Prevention Mission ----------------------

We work to stop domestic violence. We do this one man at a time, one woman at a time, and one child at a time, using our proven counseling and educational programs.

To stop domestic violence, we also work to prevent it. We do this with individuals through counseling and education, through anger management classes, through drug and alcohol abuse classes, but also by working closely with partner organizations throughout each and every community throughout the United States.

Court Ordered Program’s partnerships with community and policy leaders, with higher education, with the law enforcement and court systems, and with human service organizations, have helped strengthen each community’s response to domestic violence on a daily basis.